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Take a look at my current projects out now, things in development, reviews, and more. 

Learn about my story, how I started, and the change I'd like to see in Hollywood.

Thank you Voyage LA for the interview!


I've partnered with OnDek Productions to film my short film 'Ashes'. 

I'm excited to share more soon about this beautiful film written, starring, and produced by me! 

After the death of her mother, Natalia rebuilds what’s left of her relationship with her estranged father Maurice. 

A group of innocent teenagers with extraordinary abilities go head-to-head with some of the world's most powerful governments. Check out my voice as Han Byul in this action-packed drama! Available on Disney+ and Hulu. 

Liu Lang, an arrogant, money-hungry lawyer, has his life turned upside down by an earnest but inexperienced lawyer and the unexpected arrival of a young boy claiming to be his son. Check out my voice in a variety of roles.  Available now on Disney+


Producer and Stage Manager for "Gummy Worm" for the 2022 Hollywood Fringe Festival. Learn more about the show and purchase tickets here!  Read our article on Broadway World here!

Official Pick of the Fringe! , Best Comedy (Nominee), Encore Award (Winner)

Breaking free, falling in love, and secrets and lies. Mortuus Est: Legacy follows the aftermath of the death of Rafael Guerrero. His fiancée, Elaina (Nicole Dunseith), is left behind to pick up the pieces as her future becomes intertwined with his shadowed past. Available on all podcast streaming networks.

Set in the backdrop of Seoul in 1987, Young-ro, a female university student, treats a bloodied Soo-ho, a student from a prestigious university who finds respite in her dormitory. Check out my voice in a variety of "Dormitory Students".  Available now on Disney+

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“‘Found Family’ is a lovely homage to the families we make in our quest for love and compassion.” - Shermane Tan, Flipscreen



Sean Cowhig and Kristin Sanchez co-host a weekly show where they tell cannabis-centric stories that celebrate the fun and goofy side of sparking up. Check out my episode (#170) on Idobi Radio, Spotify, or anywhere else you stream your favorite podcasts. 


Drunk Mythology is a podcast recounting the feats and failures of world Mythology, with a few drinks along the way. Listen to me talk about the Japanese sun goddess Amaterasu and her brother Susano on episode 75 on Spotify and Apple Podcasts.

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